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Go Touch Grass

Jan 18, 2023 | Podcast, Short Talks

Female in black running suit running through a desert trail

 In this short episode, Jim talks about the benefits he finds in taking the time to get outdoors. If you’re listening to these podcasts, you’re probably a pretty outdoorsy person, but take the time to think of the benefits of outdoor recreation: Exercise, a chance to unwind the mind from the job, and yes, even just getting into the sunshine and absorbing some of that Vitamin D love from above.   

While “self care” is a term with a bit of a woo-woo feel to it, it’s necessary for people in high stress jobs to take time to depressurize, and getting out in nature is a great way to do it. Jim takes the time on deployments to plan his hikes for when he gets home; what’s your outdoor stress release?

The Comfort Crisis by Michael Easter

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