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Isaac: Less Sheepdog, More Golden Retriever

Isaac the Rookie Cop joins Mike back on the show for an update on the beginning of his career. Isaac is going to share some thoughts and lessons on being the new guy in Law Enforcement and reflect back on the things he would have done before the academy or when he first started on his path to becoming a police officer.

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The Intersection of Art and Science

EPISODE 44 THE INTERSECTION OF ART AND SCIENCEMerino Wool Socks are the way to go!  Go check out Point6! They have Mastered Merino Wool and their socks are made in the US and have a lifetime guarantee. Use the discount code TacTangents2019 for 25% off! In many areas...

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Boston Marathon Bombing

Two radicalized brothers built several bombs out of pressure cookers and other readily available items and detonated two of them near the finish line of the Boston Marathon back in April 2013. Mike runs us through an overview of this incident and several talking points for public safety personnel. We also touch on security for large public venues or events, the threat of improvised or homemade explosives, and potential warning signs for an attack. 

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LANGUAGE WARNING! This episode is NOT safe for work! Uncle Dan likes Jack Daniels and he’s had a little bit to drink so we’re gonna drag some war stories out of him and have a good time. Dan was one of Mike’s team leaders on SWAT when he first joined the team. He’s also a football coach for his son, and it turns out there’s quite a bit of crossover between the two in terms of leadership and tactics. As the alcohol level rises, you’ll get to hear a little bit about how Dan has shaped the training culture in his agency and what he’s learned along the way. Good times!

Randy Pausch’s Last Lecture

Dan’s website, filthypirate.org (Not safe for work, or the faint of heart!)

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  1. B Robinson

    Great episode fellas. It is nice to see we are all dealing with the same kind of hurdles in training our guys. I am a 25+ year LE veteran (SWAT, gamgs, patrol etc) and I also get these same hurdles with guys bitching about training being too hard or the “3s” you refer to not liking me pointing out that the stupid shirt they wear to training and all the other stupid cliche shit they wear and have mean nothing when it looks like they wish they were paid by the damn pound.

    Keep preaching my ddues. Maybe the best episode yet

    Also- just got my first Riteon RDO. Cant wait to try it out.

    Stay safe out there boys.

    -From the Great State of Texas!

    • Mike

      Glad to hear you enjoyed it! Let me know how you feel about the Riton optic, they are good peeps so if you have any issues don’t hesitate to reach out, they will make it right. -Mike


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