Field Interviews from SHOT 2020

Mike and Jim went to SHOT Show (Shooting Hunting and Outdoors Trade Show) 2020 and wanted to experiment with field interviews, so we spent some time with our sponsors to showcase them and thank them for their support. If you guys like field interviews like this let us know so we can bring you more from the people you want to hear from next year – Click on the microphone at TacTangents.com and leave us your comments.

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Performing Under Pressure with Dr. Michael Lauria

EPISODE 58 DR. MICHAEL LAURIAMerino Wool Socks are the way to go!  Go check out Point6! They have Mastered Merino Wool and their socks are made in the US and have a lifetime guarantee. Use the discount code TacTangents2019 for 25% off! Dr. Michael Lauria was a United...

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Resilience and Mental Toughness

Our feelings on what resilience means in a tactical setting and how to make sure you are not an easy victim. Includes some thoughts on “resilience training” and where mental toughness comes from. 

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Language warning! In an earlier episode, we had our buddy Isaac on the show who was getting ready to start the police academy. Isaac graduated the academy and is now a sworn officer in the middle of field training, and he’s checking in with us to share some lessons learned. He’s going to talk to us about active shooter training and a shift in his thinking, away from gadgets and gear towards training and mindset (People, Ideas, Hardware–In that order!) and he’ll tell us about some dumb rookie mistakes he’s made. What challenges was he not expecting? What wasn’t on the brochure? We’ll also touch on the importance of being able to write a good report, which Jim talked about in this article. And of course, we still make fun of his mustache.

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