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It’s Your Platoon – US Army Lt. Dave

episode 68 IT'S YOUR PLATOONJim interviews US Army Lt. Dave about the new Cold War, combat engineering, and ROTC. Jim interviews Lt Dave from the US Army about his experiences as a young officer and what it means to lead troops and face off the Russians in Eastern...

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How to think like a Tactician

episode 67 HOW TO THINK LIKE A TACTICIANWe've been building up to this concept to help raise the lowest common denominator in tactics, survival, and self-defense. At Tactical Tangents, we talk a lot about "People Ideas Hardware" and how to apply that formula to making...

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You Can’t Handle The Truth! Going to court and public trust

episode 66 YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!What Police Officers Need To Know About Going to Court, and How Police and Prosecutors Can Restore Public TrustChief Criminal Deputy County Attorney Jonathan Mosher (Pima County, Arizona) and Homicide Detective Josh Cheek share...

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Mike and Jim give a rundown of the Los Angeles Riots and discuss the warning signs and implications of mass civil unrest. We also look into the term ‘Boogaloo’ making the rounds on the internet.

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Stereotype Threat Wiki

Group Think Wiki

Riot Act Wiki

Stanford Prison Experiment

Human Motivation Episode

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