No Shi…Kidding, there i was…

Nov 16, 2022 | Podcast

Air Force Pilot in helmet and oxygen mask looks from his plane to a plane just off of his left wing.

Nobody wants to put on a show that’s all war stories. It sounds like you’re trying to fluff your resume and can bore others who’ve also been there and done that. Plus you don’t want to talk out of school. At the same time, there’s a lot of hard-won institutional knowledge that can come from those stories, especially the ones where Jim almost died. In this episode, Mike and Jim relax and let Jim share some of the lessons he’s learned from scaring himself half to death.

Hard landings, cockpit equipment malfunctions, fires, and near-miss almost midair collisions while in an inverted spin, these situations that were terrifying at the time can be humorous in retrospect as long as everyone lived. More importantly, they all offer the sort of lessons that can’t be learned from a PowerPoint presentation, only by things going badly wrong in real time. Jim’s here to pass his hard won lessons on to you. And watch out for pterodactyls!

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