Q&A with Massad Ayoob

You Can’t Handle The Truth! Going to court and public trust

episode 66 YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!What Police Officers Need To Know About Going to Court, and How Police and Prosecutors Can Restore Public TrustChief Criminal Deputy County Attorney Jonathan Mosher (Pima County, Arizona) and Homicide Detective Josh Cheek share...

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Fitness For Folks Who Don’t Fitness Good

This episode isn’t for hardcore fitness gurus, it’s for the people who realize they need to get up off the couch, watch what they eat, and take those first steps toward getting in shape. We wanted to address fitness from the beginning for those folks who don’t fitness good. These are the basic things you need to understand about losing weight and getting in shape. It starts with getting over the mental hurdles you put in your own way, and then setting manageable goals and expectations. Down the road, we’ll follow this up with more serious fitness talks but if you need a place to get started, start here.

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“9-1-1, What’s your emergency?” Calling for Help: Dos and Don’ts

Mike explains how the 911 systems work in a way that is helpful to both first responders and those who need help. There are a lot of ways we lose information in the call taking process so make sure your emergency call renders the response you need. We also talk about when to call and ways to communicate covertly with a dispatcher.

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The courts make the final judgement on use of force–but they rely heavily on the expert testimony of legends like Massad Ayoob. Mas is a champion shooter and long-time teacher in matters related to self-defense, police doctrine, and use of force. He joined Mike on the podcast to answer some questions from our audience. What are we lacking in training? What should a citizen look for in an self-defense attorney? What should we do about the inconsistencies in our statement compared to video recordings? Are defensive gun uses trending up or down? Check out this episode to hear from an expert and 45-year veteran in the industry.

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