Annette Evans: “Every Girl Should Learn How to Shoot!”

War Stories and Wisdom from over 30 years in Special Operations

Chief Master Sergeant Keaton shares some stories with us, including the time he won the Pitsenbarger Award after saving the lives of 5 women and children who were used as human shields by an enemy force in Afghanistan. Along the way he illustrates some lessons learned and leadership pointers that he picked up while leading some of America’s most elite operators throughout his 30 year career working in special operations as a PJ and reaching the highest enlisted rank in the United States Air Force. 

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Fog and Friction

Some of you might have experienced a crisis that was later described as a “Charlie Foxtrot,” which is an acronym for the sort of situation known for being chaotic, overwhelming, and difficult to manage. Mike and Jim discuss the doctrinal definitions of fog and friction and talk about some coping strategies and training philosophies that will help you deal with these kinds of problems.

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Dr. Daniel Blumberg on the Moral Risks of Policing

Dr. Daniel Blumberg is a licensed clinical psychologist and professor who has spent over 30 years working with several law enforcement agencies in the realm of pre-employment screenings and services related to police officer wellness, ethics, and resilience. His research has shined a light on many of the moral risks that affect those of us in law enforcement: what they are, how they are related to critical incident stress, and what the implications are for police leaders and trainers.

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Annette is a competitive shooter, private firearms instructor, attorney, author, blogger, and she was gracious enough to join Mike on the podcast for an interview. If you are just getting into shooting as a private citizen, listening to her talk about learning a new skill is worth your time. She and I talk about her progression from casual shooting to serious self-defense, and the value of steeping yourself in the competition shooting sports. She tells us what to look for in shooting instructors, some thoughts on carrying a concealed handgun, and ways to practice shooting at home “without the noise and recoil.” (Hint: It has something to do with her book, The Dry Fire Primer!) Links related to the show: Annette’s book, The Dry Fire Primer Annette’s Facebook Page PHLster (Use discount code blastingbeauty10) Annette makes a reference to John and Melody’s Class (and the podcast, Ballistic Radio) Annette’s video on purse carry (she didn’t love this question, thanks for being a good sport Annette!) For more on deliberate practice, check out Talent is Overrated Check out new episodes on the 1st and 15th of every month! Find us on Facebook @TacTangents, online at www.tacticaltangents.com, or email info@tacticaltangents.com Don’t forget, we’re starting a newsletter soon! It will be super short, useful bits of tactical insight that shouldn’t take you longer than a couple of minutes to consume. No spam, no nonsense. Just wisdom. Sign up at newsletter.tacticaltangents.com


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