Shooting, Beginner to Good/Great

Risky Business – Doing dangerous work, Safely.

Military, LE, and Concealed Carriers are armed for a reason – to reduce or mitigate risk. Jim breaks down what that means and how to apply risk management as part of your tactical equation. This isn’t a safety class, this is a class on making the right call on whether that new gun, tactic, or training class is helping you or hurting you. 

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America’s New F-35, with Justin Lee

EPISODE 46 AMERICA'S NEW F-35, WITH JUSTIN LEEMerino Wool Socks are the way to go!  Go check out Point6! They have Mastered Merino Wool and their socks are made in the US and have a lifetime guarantee. Use the discount code TacTangents2019 for 25% off! The F-35 is our...

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Isaac: Less Sheepdog, More Golden Retriever

Isaac the Rookie Cop joins Mike back on the show for an update on the beginning of his career. Isaac is going to share some thoughts and lessons on being the new guy in Law Enforcement and reflect back on the things he would have done before the academy or when he first started on his path to becoming a police officer.

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Mike and Jim talk about ways they learned and apply the fundamentals to shooting practice, specifically trying to bridge the gap from “beginner,” to “decent,” to “good.”  We talk about ways to balance speed and accuracy, and some things to think about when you are trying to diagnose a problem or isolate certain variables to improve your ability to shoot. We talk about adding stress/pressure to our drills, how important it is to have a good coach or at least use slow motion video to carefully watch for mistakes, the benefits of dry fire, etc. Some firearms fundamentals flip on like a switch of a lightbulb, but sometimes you have to make incremental improvements until those individual elements compound on to each other and you really start to notice a difference. Finally, we want you to realize that anyone can become a “good” shooter, so you have to get it out of your head that some people have an innate gift or talent and you don’t. We talk about a few books in the episode, here are the links:

Talent Code

Talent is Overrated

The Art of Learning

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