Shooting, Beginner to Good/Great

The JonBenet Ramsey Murder Mystery

In the mid-90s a little girl was reported to be kidnapped but was later found dead in the basement of her large, Boulder CO home. The case remains unsolved today, and several procedural errors on behalf of the officers and investigators who responded to the scene tainted our best chances to identify and prosecute Jon Benet’s killer. Many believe the parents or her older brother were to blame. A sex offender claimed to be responsible but there wasn’t sufficient evidence to prove it. Some think that the family’s wealth and political ties had something to do with it. We may not ever know the truth. Mike and Jim give a synopsis of the event and talk about some of the mis-steps that might have helped detectives solve the mystery.

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“I would just shoot him,” and other imaginary outcomes.

Most of us have daydreamed, imagined, and rehearsed what certain survival or self-defense encounters will look like in our minds, so we are going to make fun of our younger-selves and shed some light on something we are all guilty of: The Tactical Fantasy. This episode is about making sure that we ground those fantasies in reality. This goes beyond truck guns and the Zombie Apocalypse, it also speaks to the OODA loop, tactics, risk management, and other important concepts. Mike and Jim walk through some practical steps to stage our equipment, preparedness, and mindset accordingly.

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The Millennium Bomber: Terrorist Attack Thwarted by CBP

A terror plot at the turn of the century was thwarted by the professionalism of CBP Agent Diana Dean. You might not have heard of the foiled plot to bomb the Los Angeles International Airport amidst New Year’s celebrations for the year 2000. This Al Qaeda sponsored terrorist attack was prevented by an Agent who noted Ahmed Ressam’s suspicious behavior and sent him to a secondary inspection. We touch on pre-attack indicators, the radicalization process, and a defense strategy called “The Swiss Cheese Model.”

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Mike and Jim talk about ways they learned and apply the fundamentals to shooting practice, specifically trying to bridge the gap from “beginner,” to “decent,” to “good.”  We talk about ways to balance speed and accuracy, and some things to think about when you are trying to diagnose a problem or isolate certain variables to improve your ability to shoot. We talk about adding stress/pressure to our drills, how important it is to have a good coach or at least use slow motion video to carefully watch for mistakes, the benefits of dry fire, etc. Some firearms fundamentals flip on like a switch of a lightbulb, but sometimes you have to make incremental improvements until those individual elements compound on to each other and you really start to notice a difference. Finally, we want you to realize that anyone can become a “good” shooter, so you have to get it out of your head that some people have an innate gift or talent and you don’t. We talk about a few books in the episode, here are the links:

Talent Code

Talent is Overrated

The Art of Learning

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