Lessons from 17,000 Gun Fights

John Correia runs Active Self Protection (ASP), a massive YouTube channel analyzing self defense encounters from all over the world. He’s taken notes on 17,000 gunfights caught on camera, and he’s going to share some of those lessons with us in tonight’s episode. Link to John’s video discussed in the show here.

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Jason Sweet

USAF PARARESCUEMAN, College football player, Human Performance researcher. Jason’s bringing us up to speed on some current research, athletic performance, mental toughness, motivation, and his current project preparing future special operators for selection, training, and performance in their chosen career fields. An insightful conversation that covers things like the difference in physical and mental demands between USAF Special Operations and NCAA Division I College football.

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James Gagliano

The Ferguson Effect. The militarization of law enforcement. The history and evolution of the FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team. These are just a few of the topics we cover with Mr. Gagliano who is a retired career FBI Supervisory Agent, West Point graduate, Army Ranger, and now CNNs Law Enforcement Analyst. 

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Communicating during a crisis is its own skill all by itself. We’re going to talk about some principles that can help you get it right whether you use radios professionally in public safety, aviation, or the military–or if you are a private citizen trying to get that 911 call out in a hurry. Ideas in here to think about: “Aviate, Navigate, Communicate.” Don’t be “that guy” on the radio, take one step back from the crisis when you click that button. “Push to talk, not to think.” -A friend we know. Finally, think about how communication strategies are also leadership strategies–Clear out some of that fog and friction, and bring calm to the chaos.

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